Quality, Research and Public Health


Profiel Afkorting Beschrijving  
Clinical Research Document CRD Describes the content pertinent to the clinical research use case required within the Retrieve Form for Data-Capture (RFD) pre-population parameter.
Drug Safety Content DSC Describes the content pertinent to the drug safety use case required within the Retrieve Form for Data-Capture (RFD) pre-population parameter.
Early Hearing Care Plan EHCP Assists with the early detection, documentation of and intervention for hearing loss by enabling electronic communication of care plan content and instructions available to all authorized providers of care as jurisdictionally directed by the Public Health EHDI Program.
Maternal Child Health-Birth and Fetal Death Reporting MCH-BFDrpt Defines the EHR content that may be used to pre-populate and transmit birth and fetal death information to vital records systems for vital registration purposes.
Physician Reporting to a Public Health Repository – Cancer Registry PRPH-Ca Defines the data elements to be retrieved from the EMR and transmitted to the cancer registry or to a healthcare provider.
Retrieve Process for Execution RPE Enables a healthcare provider to access a process definition, such as a research protocol and to execute automated activities, without leaving an EMR session.


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