Profiel Afkorting Beschrijving  
Scheduled Workflow SWF Integrates ordering, scheduling, imaging acquisition, storage and viewing for Radiology exams.
Patient Information Reconciliation PIR Coordinates reconciliation of the patient record when images are acquired for unidentified (e.g. trauma), or misidentified patients.
Post-Processing Workflow PWF Provides worklists, status and result tracking for post-acquisition tasks, such as Computer-Aided Detection or Image Processing.
Reporting Workflow RWF Provides worklists, status and result tracking for reporting tasks, such as dictation, transcription and verification.
Import Reconciliation Workflow IRWF Manages importing images from CDs, hardcopy, XDS-I, etc. and reconciling identifiers to match local values.
Mammography Acquisition Workflow MAWF Handles mammography-specific exceptions to routine image acquisition based on Scheduled Workflow.
Post-Acquisition Workflow PAWF Provides worklists, status and result tracking for post-acquisition tasks and application hosting.
Nuclear Medicine Image NMI Specifies how Nuclear Medicine images and result screens are created, exchanged, used and displayed.
Mammography Image MAMMO Specifies how Mammography images and evidence objects are created, exchanged, used and displayed.
Evidence Documents ED Specifies how data objects such as digital measurements are created, exchanged, and used.
Simple Image and Numeric Report SINR Specifies how Diagnostic Radiology Reports (including images and numeric data) are created, exchanged, and used.
Radiation Exposure Monitoring REM Specifies how radiation details from imaging procedures are created, exchanged and used.
CT/MR Perfusion Imaging PERF Specifies encoding of Contrast Perfusion imaging data using Enhanced CT/MR DICOM objects.
MR Diffusion Imaging DIFF Specifies encoding of MR Diffusion imaging data using Enhanced MR DICOM objects.
Chest X-ray CAD display CXCAD Specifies how Chest X-Ray images and evidence objects are created, exchanged, used and displayed.
Key Image Note KIN Lets users flag images as significant (e.g. for referring, for surgery, etc.) and add notes.
Consistent Presentation of Images CPI Maintains consistent intensity and image transformations between different hardcopy and softcopy devices.
Presentation of Grouped Procedures PGP Facilitates viewing and reporting individual requested procedures (e.g. head, chest, abdomen) that an operator has grouped into a single scan.
Image Fusion FUS Integrates different systems creating, registering and displaying fused image sets and storing their results.
Basic Image Review BIR Defines baseline features and user interface relevant to simple review of DICOM images.
Portable Data for Imaging PDI Provides reliable interchange of image data and diagnostic reports on CDs, DVDs or USB for importing, printing, or optionally, displaying in a browser.
Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging.b Update XDS-I.b Extends XDS to share images, diagnostic reports and related information across a group of care sites.
Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export TCE Lets users flag images and related information for automatic routing to teaching file authoring or clinical trials management systems.
Access to Radiology Information ARI Shares images, diagnostic reports, and related information inside a single network.
Audit Trail and Node Authentication - Radiology Option ATNA Defines Radiology-specific audit trail messages and security measures to protect the confidentiality of patient information.
Charge Posting CHG Provides timely procedure details from modalities to billing systems.
Cross-Community Access for Imaging XCA-I Extends XCA to share images, diagnostic reports and related information across communities.
Cross-Enterprise Reliable Document Interchange for Imaging XDR-I Extends XDR to push images, diagnostic reports and related information between healthcare providers.
Imaging Object Change Management IOCM Communicates image replacement or deletion instructions between multiple image managers


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