IHE-Europe News Pulse - Connectathon 2019 Heads for Rennes

The clock is ticking as the 2019 IHE-Europe Connectathon heads to Rennes – “the most liveable city in France”, according to L’Express a weekly French Magazine. It has everything from its ancient roots as a major city of art and history, in the Duchy of Brittany, to its presence today as a digital innovation centre in France. The epitome of transformation is the sparkling new convention centre – Convent of the Jacobins – home to the 2019 IHE-Europe Connectathon, 8-12 April 2019.

Located in the northern part of historic Rennes, the building dates from Gallo-Roman times with remains from the 1st century, but it was Dominican monks who decided to create a convent that existed from the 14 -18th century as the Convent of Bonne-Nouvelle. Sold in 2002 to Rennes Métropole, the celebrated French architect Jean Guervilly has since transformed the centre to its current splendour.


This unique complex includes 3 auditoria and 25 committee rooms, making it ideal to host the suite of events that today comprise Connectathon Week. Organised by IHE-Europe and IHE-France and building on hugely successful 2017 and 2018 events in Venice and The Hague, Rennes 2019 will deliver a comprehensive programme including:

IHE-Europe Connectathon, with some 350 delegates and up to 100 vendors.
Regional projects join Projectathon testing, interoperability-based IHE Profiles.
mHealth Plugathon that will attract many mobile app developers to educational seminars and testing sessions and will allow them to build interoperability solutions “on the fly”.
IHE-Europe Symposium on Tuesday 9 April promises a rich programme of topics and speakers.
Wednesday 10/ Thursday 11 April includes InteropSanté, ASIP santé and LLSA led sessions on Interoperability and Test Bed.

“The IHE-Europe Connectathon is a unique opportunity for all vendors and other organisations to test their products and solutions, across healthcare, eHealth and mHealth, in a structured environment along with those of their peers. Where better to do so than here in Rennes”, commented Jean-Christophe Cauvin President of InteropSanté.