IHE Europe News Pulse: The role of GDPR in the IHE-Europe landscape

The long-awaited General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – is now fully operational across Europe. IHE-Europe, in common with many organisations, has commitments and compliance adherence to consider, including the mailing of this very News Pulse. IHE-Europe has completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment and has drafted a GDPR- compliant privacy policy which will be available to share shortly.

GDPR also needs to be applied to your deployment/ implementation of IHE Profiles.  It impacts product design and subsequent deployment in operational environments.  
The good news is that IHE can help in facilitating the adoption of GDPR, particularly in the areas of interoperability privacy and security; IHE-Europe has recently published an informative White Paper – IHE Perspective on the European Union GDPR.