IHE International News Pulse: IHE-Europe to Host mHealth Plugathon

The IHE-Europe Connectathon will be held April 16-20 in The Hague in the Netherlands in association with the Dutch “Weekonnect” week. As part of this multi-faceted event, IHE-Europe has invited developers of innovative health solutions to take part in an mHealth Plugathon, the third such event IHE-Europe has hosted.

The mHealth Plugathon will be a two-day event, April 17-18, focusing on three areas of emerging standards and technologies:

IHE Profiles for Mobile Devices
Healthcare Devices using HL7 FHIR®
Imaging Applications using DICOM Web standards, WADO-RS and QIDO-RS.

Participants will have hands-on testing opportunities and the chance to network with hundreds of users and vendors in the health IT space. Find out more about the mHealth Plugathon.

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