News Pulse IHE Europe: IHE France Projectathons great success in Rennes

The recent IHE-Europe Connectathon Week in Rennes hosted a number of Projectathons running in parallel. In particular two organised by ASIP Santé, the French national agency for IT in Health, as the first of their type, were a great success.

The first termed a “Biology Report Projectathon” for publishers to real-time test the exchange of CI-SIS compliant medical biology reports; so testing the national extension for IHE XDM, IHE XD-LAB and CDA Report Profiles for biology exchange.  Eight vendors were involved - four editors of Medical Biology Lab Management Systems and four Doctor’s Office Management Software vendors. Altogether, 55 tests were performed, including 33 Biology Test Record Exchanges between clinical lab management systems and practice management software, using the Agency’s test tools all based on IHE Gazelle tools.


Reflecting on the testing success Eric Poiseau, IHE-Europe Technical Manager said: “The tests allowed each publisher to accelerate the development of its solution and to adapt to the CI-SIS with the on-site support of ASIP Santé interoperability experts. It was also an opportunity for the Agency to refine its testing tools and use them immediately in tests, all this plus meeting with fellow vendors. The Projectathon enabled users to agree on needs, allowed the validation process to be accelerated, and for issues/errors to be corrected and retested on the fly”.

The second Projectathon, attended by five vendors, aimed to test the interoperability of Care Coordination Booklet Management Systems with note creator and consumer systems, whilst ensuring compliance of information exchanges against national specifications. The Care Coordination Booklet section, the first part of the interoperability framework, is based on HL7 FHIR and tests were initially between three creator and consumer note booklet systems and two booklet management systems. The latter increased to three as one of the vendors managed to develop this role on its system during the Projectathon, a great example of the value of attendance. 24 test instances were validated and the four clinical scenarios of thiseHealth ‘Post-It’ tested.

Cristina Bertini, IHE-France, a key member of the organising team for theProjectathons, commented: “These 2-day Projectathons were both intense but rewarding, and the accelerated collaboration helped propel developments and identified improvements. Needless to say that the opportunity to participate on theConnectathon floor and network with so many interoperability experts was invaluable for all participants. A big thank you to all involved”.


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