News Pulse IHE Europe: What´s in store on the Connectathon floor?

The 2019 IHE-Europe Connectathon, 8-12 April in Rennes will again feature a number of Projectathons running in parallel. Here vendors will test national/regional healthcare data exchange using IHE Profiles and on the fly prove their IHE credentials as part of real deployment scenarios.

2019 is a bumper year with a well-established Projectathon from Switzerland and two first-time French Projectathons, all are sure to attract considerable interest. The Swiss Projectathon, part of the continuous implementation of the Swiss Electronic Patient Record (EPR) eHealth Suisse, is under the aegis of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).  The Swiss EPR implementation plan was approved in April 2017 and is testimony to the focus and importance of IHE within the Swiss EPR programme. 2019 sees already 10 registered vendors testing their compliance to FOPH’s EPR interoperability specs, based on IHE Profiles.

There are also two new specialist French-based Projectathonsorganised by ASIP Santé covering key areas of interoperability and testing across a number of vendors.

  • Testing the “Cahier De Liaison (CDL)”, a type of eHealth ‘Post-it’ interoperability specification based on FHIR, between the CDL Producers and Consumers.
  • Testing the French extensions of the Biology Report exchange based on IHE XDM and CDA Biology Report Profiles and specific French extensions.

Eric Poiseau, IHE-Europe Technical Manager, said “IHE France has facilitated these excellent test projects at the 2019 IHE-Europe Connectathon. They are natural extensions of extensive IHE Profile based activity in France and we are excited to see new vendors registering”.

We look forward to seeing you at the Connectathon and take advantage of the VIP Tours of the Connectathon floor to observe how these Projectathons build upon the Connectathon and IHE Profiles implementation experience