Nieuws Pulse IHE Europe: IHE Europe Announces User Co-Chair Appointment

The IHE-Europe Steering Committee has unanimously re-appointed Stéphane Spahni PhD, as User Co-Chair, for a second term of office, with immediate effect.

Stephane Spahni

Stephane Spahni

Stéphane Spahni holds a leadership position at the Hospital of the University of Geneva (HUG) having worked there for almost 25 years; he has devoted much of his working life to eHealth with particular emphasis on data sharing between organisations – using international standards. He is in charge of the e-Medication Project for the Geneva region and is an active contributor to the Swiss national electronic patient records project over many years. Stéphane has also held the technical responsibility for the Swiss Connecting Europe Facility eHealth Digital Services Infrastructure (eHDSI) National Contact Point.

Working with IHE Profiles for some eight years, Stéphane quickly embraced their importance, with his initial experience resulting from the epSOS Cross-Border eHealth EU Project.  Subsequently joining the IHE Pharmacy Domain Committee, where he led the specification of IHE Profiles for a shared medication treatment plan and led deployment in the Geneva Canton.

The last two years have seen a number of important projects to which he has contributed, including revision of the statutes and rules of procedure plus the broadening and spread of IHE across Europe.

He added, “My responsibilities in IHE-Europe, co-organising the last two IHE-EuropeSymposium, have been both challenging and fulfilling. I look forward to contributing to the upcoming IHE-Europe Symposium in 2020 in Brussels and 2021, seeing these scientific and educational sessions continue to expand and attract an increasing number of vendors, users and interoperability experts”.